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A different approach
to physio....

Patients often say to us "you do things differently here". Our unique approach to physiotherapy means that we look at the body as a whole and not just "the sore part". Often we find that this helps us to form a bigger picture as to "how the part became sore" in the first place, especially in chronic issues. Sometimes this means that before getting you on the table, we actually go to the gym first to look at how this problem is affecting your function. This is where we find it particularly interesting working with patients from all different backgrounds and experiences.

Physiotherapy involves assessing the mechanics of the body through all connective tissues. Careful interplay between the skeletal, muscle and neural tissue can be assessed for dysfunction.

Treatments can be hands-on (through trigger point therapy and joint mobilisations) or through activity -including postural correction and exercise (to increase or decrease muscle activity). The most effective treatments are those that combine the physiotherapist and the patient working together.

Above all, attending a physiotherapy appointment should educate you about the mechanics of your body and how to maximise its function.

What can we help you with?

Our physiotherapists can assist you with many things including but not limited to:


- chronic pain

- SIJ issues and pregnancy

- hypermobility

- headaches/migraines

- acute presentations of neck pain or lower back pain

- shoulder pain 

- clinical pilates 

- exercise prescription

- education

- management of non curable conditions 

Why us?


- Individual attention in long 40min consultations

- Thorough assessment

- Education

- Management options customised to your specific needs

- Guidance in self-management

- Home based or onsite exercise options

- A team approach utilising all of our combined skills for your best outcome

- Open communication with your current healthcare team

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