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Meet The Team


Kirrily Careedy

Senior Physiotherapist

Practice Principal

“After 27 years in practice as a physio, I still feel so blessed to do the work that I do. We meet so many wonderful people, with such amazing life experiences and stories to tell. It is very humbling to have these people trust you with their troubles and to work with them, guiding their way to recovery. The human body is such a fascinating subject, and I continue to learn something new almost every day”.

When it comes to clinical fields of interest, Kirrily is renowned for her love of ‘a tricky problem’ – the chronic, complex and unusual presentations – especially when it relates to spinal or pelvic problems. A relentless focus on finding the source of a problem and working with each individual to achieve the best possible clinical outcome is fundamental to her approach. Be prepared for homework, as Kirrily will make you captain of your own recovery effort, providing explanation and education to empower your effort throughout.

Complimentary to her general physiotherapy skillset, Kirrily is a Certified DMA Clinical Pilates Practitioner. She spent a number of years teaching at a national level through Dance Medicine Australia and remains invested in the education of the future generation of healthcare therapists in this field and beyond.

An ongoing thirst for knowledge relating to health-based research led Kirrily to undertake a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology (completed with Distinction 2022). She will also complete her Masters of Medical Statistics in 2023 while maintaining her work in the clinic.

Ella Hocking


Ella joined the CCH team in 2022 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from ACU (Ballarat).  She has also undertaken DMA Clinical Pilates training to broaden her skills in recovery and rehabilitation. 

 A significant back injury in 2017, while unfortunate, was an important turning point for Ella.  Her first-hand experience of the debilitating impacts of chronic pain, resulted in a valuable understanding of the profound improvements that can be achieved through physiotherapy. She also learned the importance of a maintaining a motivated, positive approach.


“I continue to be surprised by how both the mind and body respond to physiotherapy. We can work some real miracles as Physiotherapists, with impacts that transcend just the physical structure and anatomy. Pain can be such a debilitating thing and it is so rewarding, through application of our knowledge and skills, to be able to ease its impact on the people in our care”


Clinically, Ella is intrigued by chronic pain, particularly of the back and pelvis.  She loves to hear the stories of her patients and believes this is the foundation for building strong professional relationships.  She has a broad focus in her approach to the body, enjoying the challenge of untangling the kinetic chain -  of discovering how correcting a small issue in one area can relieve symptoms in all parts of the body.  Ella does tend to talk to herself quite a bit during this process which will keep you intrigued all the way!  An empathic coach who enjoys any opportunity for a good laugh with her patients.      


Prevention is indeed better than any cure, hence Ella’s complimentary passion for injury-prevention and education - a field she would like to explore further in the future.  Through playing high level netball during high school, Ella recognises the importance of tailored exercises and has an awareness of the impact of elite sport on the young body. 

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